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Cell Door Locks

NEW Diselon Striker Release System - Patented GB2564837.A.
Further patent pending

Cell doors with centre dead bolt and slam latch apertures showing (cick to enlarge)

Striker closed locking centre dead bolt and slam latch in frame (cick to enlarge)

Striker lifted open allowing bottom dead bolt to exit frame (cick to enlarge)

Striker lifted open allowing centre dead bolt and slam latch to exit frame (cick to enlarge)

Handle, rod and bearings of the striker lifting mechanism
(cick to enlarge)

The Diselon Striker Release System is designed to allow vehicles to be built without roof hatches for emergency exit. The product is made in the UK and is used in conjunction with a Steinbach & Vollmann multi point lock with 20mm bolt throws and a deadbolt feature. The advantages of the Diselon Striker Release are that doing away with roof hatches reduces vehicle weight, improving fuel consumption and giving lower emissions, does away with leaks caused by ill-fitting roof hatches, and provides greater supervision of prisoners being released into the surrounds than through roof hatches.

The stainless steel striker for the lock is housed in the cell door frame and acts as a normal fixed striker in day to day operation when each cell door is opened on their own using the custodian's key. In an emergency a remote handle is used to lift linked strikers up allowing the lock bolts to pass through gaps in the striker enabling the prisoners to push their door open and gain access to the corridor area in the vehicle and then be released through the vehicle's exterior doors.

Each striker has a cam attached to its top. The other end of the cam being attached to a stainless-steel rod running above the length of adjacent cells. The release handle is attached to the end of the rod and rotating it by approximately 70 degrees lifts all strikers in the row of cells to be opened.

The multi point lock can also be used on vehicles where the Striker Release System is not specified so that the same lock can be used across a fleet of different vehicles using the same cell door.

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