Custodial Vehicle Locks

Custodial Vehicle Locks by Diselon in conjunction with Steinbach & Vollmann

Telephone Support: 01440 710 568

Exterior Door Locks

Type 419225


  • A three-point lock with 12mm diameter stainless steel bolts with a 30mm throw. Each lock is supplied with a stainless steel handle set and a powder coated aluminium IP65 sealed dust cover to prevent the ingress of road dirt and water to the profile cylinder, particularly important on rear doors.

  • When the door is unlocked the bolts are automatically withdrawn into the door by means of a gas strut leaving a door edge free of any projection that could cause injury. The gas strut also folds down the stainless steel handles.

  • To lock the door the handle is moved up and the key turned in the profile cylinder.

  • The dust cover is held in the vertical open position by means of an internal plastic clip when locking and unlocking the door, and held shut when closed by a stainless steel ball catch.

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